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An evening at Indy's ONLY Downtown Adult Entertainment Facility can be the memory of a lifetime! Of course, not everyone knows the basic rules of Adult Nightclub etiquette. Let's review some of the basics -- follow our simple advice, and you're sure to have a wonderful experience!

Let's Get This Out of the Way Now...

You shouldn't come to the Red Garter if you're expecting to have sex. We aren't that kind of club. The best entertainment in Indy should always be enjoyed in a respectful, proper manner. Soliciting an entertainer for anything sexual is grounds for you to be asked to leave. (And believe us, you aren't the first.)

We get it. You're out to have a good time. Having some drinks helps with the mood. It keeps the flow going. Keep in mind, though, that having too much to drink has the exact opposite effect -- you forget the fun, you can't walk straight, and you start getting too touchy feely. Nobody wants to see that. We respect you as a guest too much. Be mindful of your drinking, and you'll have a wonderful experience.

Alcohol Is Your Friend, Not Your Crutch

Cash Is King

While we do have an ATM on site, and we can certainly accommodate those of us who don't know our credit card PIN numbers, nothing gets everyone's attention like cash. Keep you cash handy in your pockets. Sitting back and enjoying the show without being generous, does not get you the full experience -- tips to bar/serving staff, security staff, DJ and entertainment staff help keep all of us here, and are very much appreciated. And the more generous you are, the more attention you're going to get! Bottom line -- don't be cheap! 

The minute you walk in, you're being noticed. From the Reception Host to the entertainment staff, how you look -- your appearance -- is just as important as the scenery you came to watch. While we prefer smart casual attire (and believe us, nicely dressed patrons get the most attention!), we also allow jeans and shorts. Tank tops, clothing that is ripped/torn/dirty (by style or by accident), sweatpants/joggers/basketball shorts, and sports jerseys (on non-game days of course!) are not allowed. More can be found in our about us page. Dress like you care, and you will be cared for!

Appearance Is Noticed

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

You won't have fun if you feel unsafe, so we take everyone's safety very seriously. Weapons are never allowed in our facility. Photographs are only done at the front of the house by our "selfie wall", and only with consent. Surfaces are continually sanitized throughout the night. And seriously, none of the entertainment staff wants to feel your tongue on any part of them. Anyone who makes our patrons -- and our staff -- feel uncomfortable will be asked to leave. 

The Red Garter Gentlemen's Club has provided quality entertainment for the downtown Indianapolis community for over 50 years now! Our beautiful entertainment staff are second to none, and waiting to make you feel welcome. We invite you to come see what -- and, of course, WHO -- makes us the #1 Gentlemen's Club in Central Indiana.  

Have a Good Time!

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